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Stronger Than The Storm DTF

Stronger Than The Storm DTF

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This is just the transfer listing and does not include the garment it is displayed on.

All prints are made to order

Approximate size in inches Youth: 11 inches x 11 inches

  • Temperature: 300 F
  • Time: 15 Seconds
  • Pressure: Medium/Heavy
  • Pre-Press Shirt for 5 seconds to remove moisture
  • Place your DTF Transfer on Garment
  • Remove T-Shirt from the heat press an wait till the DTF Transfer to cool down. THIS IS A COLD PEEL
  • Place back the t-shirt on the heat press and press it again for another 5-7 seconds with parchment paper on top.

Please be aware that there may be variations in color and size compared to the image mockup. A slight color change may occur after pressing. Our return and exchange policy does not apply to any of our products. We are not liable for any errors in pressing, so please carefully follow pressing instructions.

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